7 games help brain development comprehensively.

7 games help brain development comprehensively for baby

  1. Help the baby brain development through painting game

Painting help baby to create precise coordination between hands and eyes, eye for the essential, more flexible hands,

more skillful. Especially will gradually help baby distinguish differences between the basic structure of the things the phenomenon

in the world around her. Also from these activities could you’ll discover gifted children

to educate the baby the best way.

-You can play baby painting Guide by:

+ Preparing for baby cute colored pencil box, fun to attract attention, the focus of the baby.

+ Teach your baby to draw simple shapes such as lines, circles, you can use the color pencil drawing or wax

the short straight line lengthwise from top to bottom and comes with the baby that was rain, similarly draw more fences,

balloons, says the Sun.

7 games help brain development comprehensively

7 games help brain development comprehensively.

+ Next, let’s help little chalk is the color, the different characteristics of the animal may draw as

He is the Sun is yellow, the green trees, …

+ Teach your baby should draw the dream, for example, the teacher would wear dresses or paying attention to traffic police wear uniforms of gold

+ From there, you will help shape the baby be rich imagination about life and things we

Idol around quite easily.

  1. Torn and pasted paper

This game is probably not a few parents know too but not many people take advantage of the benefits that

It brought in playing with the children.

Not only are the games cost less, the torn and pasted paper into different shapes also help baby double training

the hand more skillful, more harmonious color combinations that it also helps baby memory training very well when you know how. For example

You can baby Jigsaw the sort flags of the country, to where the name to it, she’s going to miss the flags would

After the folding of the flag image.

  1. Count the aiming to baby brain development Helps baby learn math better

This is a simple game but works extremely well in teaching your baby learning to play. These songs

There the count is simple hints for you when teaching children. At you sing, please emphasize to count sections, for example:

“There are 5 monkeys jumping on the bed”. Then, move your fingers represent the five monkeys. Continue to sing:

“There are 5 monkeys, a child has just run away. Now only left 1 2 3 and 4 monkeys. “,” … will encourage love the ability to imagine

the great statue of the baby there?;

Next, you will teach the simple things that count baby boy can see as knuckles, count, counting toys

painting, …

However, you need to teach your baby slowly, should not teach too fast to write deep in mind, counting from 1 5, 1

10 and then ascending, Yes;

When the baby was already proficient, be it the baby at any time may, for example, the quiz kid count how many apples in the basket, cover

much of the cake in the box, … and the applause if baby count properly, Yes;

This game is very simple but extremely useful in increasing the ability of imagination, logic, and mind

the Foundation of the basic count for little.

  1. painting games, jigsaw stimulate the baby’s brain development

This will help your child work out space perception capability, information processing, problem-solving.

These games usually attract most of the baby because of the curious but leave the baby quickly depressed to see the

the image is hard or folded back folded to 1 causes the image boring.

+ You can buy the toys lined up, folded from simple to complicated to file for baby play over speed


+ The rank is attached to their hobbies as painting rank superheroes, jigsaw, ….;

+ The colored cubes, shapes, sizes, wood or plastic on and to play young by stacking

up, or folded into the image as in the book a guide to a charismatic kid.

+ Come together to play, guide or folded to create baby contest with motivation and a love for the game


  1. to stimulate the baby’s brain development through the story idea

the statue

Read the story of baby’s game is very suitable for baby love baby before bedtime. The parents tell the baby

a brief story about the favorite kid characters such as fairies, Princes, princesses, … just tell your baby help

imagine the storyline;

Then on 1 2, please replace the characters and tell baby 1 similar stories then that the baby guess

the next time the performance analysis for the baby out of the picture, such as the evil sorceress, she first brought things

or the princesses good lỗng, Nice … you try and will see baby love your home sometimes very smart

When should the creation story according to interests and think the logic of it, baby;

This game not only helps baby to stimulate memory, the ability to imagine that also shaped the development of human

baby’s way after this.

  1. The game to find out the differences between the two paintings

This will be the game extremely effective against the development and arousing cleverness, creativity of the baby;

Parents, please prepare 2 different the picture quite basic, from simple to complex, and instructions for baby search

out the difference between 2 paintings in a certain period of time would know;

You keep track, verify and will see baby love the House you will essential faster, has better observation a lot.


  1. Game/maze spellbinding battle

This game helps your baby to practice writing capacity, concentration, processing information.

The newspaper also has the game is to find your way to the treasure in the genus chit road. We also practice

like the new way top drawing 2, 3 to the need, then gradually increasing the difficulty level up to quiz the child find the destination.

Or to draw children to ngoằng, then draw the maze according to his law. This game will customize each

age to pose difficulty. This game helps children practice these skills as the overarching look whole, raise

the will to lead to the destination, the destination must know to analyze situations, information processing.