Baby rash caused by allergies weather and what to know

The baby rash caused by allergies weather and what to know

there are many parents panic when you see young people appeared on the itchy rash when the weather changes. So parents need to do when your child has allergies weather? Along learn article below.

  1. The cause for children with allergy forecast

Allergy is a reaction of the body to see the impact from the outside. Infants and small children are allergic when moving from hot to cold, season and vice versa, so the skin was thin and sensitive. Young signs allergy forecast mainly skin rash and itching. Allergy forecast in small children with no cure take root, however, there are ways that parents can apply to reduce the rash condition for children.

  1. treatment of allergy forecast for young

To heal fast, according to the doctor needs to determine the cause to avoid contact with the causes of the disease.

Children with allergies due to the weather too dry

Change the weather makes young’s erratic expansion skin irritation. The cold makes the skin too dry itchy, easy as scratching the skin as suffering from irritation and swelling. For older children have skin sensitivity to weather, heat, if you for water bath too hot in winter both in summer are causing skin allergy.

For young skin allergy case forecast by the skin too dry, the dermatologist advice: just select moisturizers suitable for older, avoid the components easy to irritate skin, strong detergent, smeared the cream from the top into the cold season is may be room. Besides, limiting water bath too hot for the child, strengthen drinking water, eat fruit on the menu daily.

Baby rash caused by allergies weather and what to know

Baby rash caused by allergies weather and what to know.

How to care to include the following steps:

Clean the skin: young daily bathing, wipe the surface with a towel and warm dip. Soak the skin damage in warm water for 15-20 minutes, then wipe dry quickly and instantly obliterate quality moisturizers to prevent evaporation condition dry skin. Soak the skin 1-3 times/day depending on heavy mode of disease

Topical nature does to retain moisture in the skin throughout the day need to obliterate the dampening fluid solution, oil, cream or ointment under the guidance of health immediately after bathing. The weather is dry should select the type of ointment for ingredient has fewer excipients for adhesive effects and more

Reduce itching and irritation: maintain normal sleep and psychological stability of young because stress is also a cause that leads to the habit of scratching the itch in the child. Manicure for kids, gloves, all night to avoid skin lesions due to scratching of itching. Avoid using detergents, chemicals, soaps, alcohol, and other skin care products. Select clothes sweat absorbent. Avoid the food allergy. Not for children playing on the ground, not play with animals or stuffed

Topical medications only as directed by your doctor, the note does not mix or obliterate with moisturizers because that will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Older allergy forecasts due to other causes

In terms of physical properties, young’s skin allergies were manifest on the skin by a red rash and itching. So, in case the weather changes, very easy to mistake as young’s skin allergy is caused by the weather. However, there may also be other factors causing impact children with the rash.

In the case of house, dust is the culprit you need to regularly clean the bed, instead of the constant buffer station downloads, use a fan to reduce humidity in the home. Besides, these foods can increase heavy diseases need to be excluded from the diet of patients. However, in children should note there is the alternative to avoid food for malnourished children.

Take children to the medical facility when signs of fever, itching more to wake at night, skin lesions become redder and bleeding, there is pus, yellowish crust, or if skin lesions did not decrease after one week to be examined and treated promptly.

  1. measures to prevent allergy forecast for young

When allergy needs to right the doctor to determine the cause for treatment. In addition, you should also note the weather forecast to stay healthy for the children when the weather changes unexpectedly.

The time of delivery of the season often moves from hot to cold should the child vulnerable to diseases, especially diseases such as sore throats, inflammation of the ear … So, to prevent disease, the parents should enhance the warm brewed young body. When going out need to dress long sleeve, team headwear … Also, if the weather is too cold, you warm jackets, fitted scarves and limitations take children out when not needed.

In addition, parents can also increase the resistance by many measures such as: for a child to drink tonic, vitamin necessary to prevent flu, flu vaccination for older, offers many antibody through the fruit juices such as orange, grapefruit, watermelon …, Cook eat food nutrition strengthening ensure healthy body such as fish dishes, vegetables left … When you see signs of irregularities such as older fever, cough, runny nose much should take immediately to the clinic doctor to timely treatment.

Early detection of signs of children with allergies, the treatment properly, the child will heal the sick and recover quickly.