Avoid respiratory disease when cold weather.

Avoid respiratory disease when cold weather.
When it is too cold, or cold in a long period of time can suffer hypothermia lead to disorders of consciousness, seizures, coma even death. Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract such as the nose, throat, sinuses, inflammations of the ear; inflammation of the respiratory tract under such as bronchitis exacerbations, the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease caused by bronchial pneumonia, infections is the very common disease when the weather is cold.

Physiological basis
-The normal temperature of the human body is maintained stable about 37 degrees C with a balance between heat and waste heat through the environment. When the body is exposed to the cold environment will respond by increasing the metabolism to produce heat to maintain body temperature. In addition, the body reacts co. the blood vessels in the periphery as in under the skin to reduce the blood supply to the skin, helps the body retain heat. In normal people, the blood vessels that feed the internal organs will relax more to regulate the blood vessels under the skin due to excess.

Avoid respiratory disease when cold weather

Avoid respiratory disease when cold weather.

-When to breathe, the air is the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract such as nasal-throat warm, moisten and cleanse the part before going into the trachea. On the surface of the lining of the bronchial air cells secreted mucus and fluid layers of epithelial cells with much less hair (mao velvet) on the surface. Mucus layer of adhesive molecules and dust, bacteria, viruses have in the air inhaled. In this mucus layer has a number of protective factors such as making antibodies that inhibit the activity of the virus, bacteria. The Velvet map on the bronchial surface motion of pushing direction mucus layer from the inside of the small bronchi to the large bronchi and from there be a spit cough or I automatically swallow down the digestive tract during sleep. In the bronchial mucosa layer and in the walls of the alveoli are also macrophages, the white blood cells help protect the body against pathogens such as viruses, bacteria.

-When the weather is too cold, the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract may not warm enough for air flow, as usual, the air inhaled into the respiratory tract have low heat causes the blood vessels to co status feed lining the respiratory tract. The cold factors and the contraction of blood vessels make the bristles move on the surface of the lining of the bronchial air poorly, lack of protective cells present in the respiratory tract. When the body gets cold, the first affected parts is the upper respiratory tract causing inflammation of the nose, throat, sinus, from which bacterial infection can spread up cause otitis media, bronchitis and gas down lung parenchyma cause bronchitis, pneumonia. However, there are also cases of pneumonia are always without respiratory inflammation on expression.

-Because the respiratory system from the nose to the throat bronchitis pneumonia is in direct contact with the air conditioning on a wide area to near 100 meters should the Agency’s respiratory tract is affected the most by air conditioning. In young children, due to low body weight, ability to heat to maintain body temperature also limited should be as susceptible to the complications due to the cold.

How to prevent respiratory ailments during the cold season:
The prolonged cold weather is a big risk for human health, especially the elderly and children. To prevent illness, protect the health of the cold season, noting the following points:

-Avoid contaminated cold: warm when out cold, need to keep warm the face, neck, breasts by wearing the mask, hood, hat warm when out on the street, especially those who work outdoors. When not necessary should not go outdoors at dawn or at night because it is cold.

-When cold should not give the children out of the Sun. If forced to come out when it is cold need your best attention, warm wear, avoid the wind blows directly on people. If the outdoor temperature is below-10oC to school elementary school.

-When the ride and the ride is your helmet should cover all types of enclosed head, face, and Chin to avoid getting cold. In the House, Office, school notes closed the door, the slots, avoid drafty.

-If condition then uses the fireplace as the families with small children because of the cold tolerance of poor children. However, the need to avoid the type of heating which burn like coal furnaces use totally not, coal stove in the enclosed room for compost will CO poisoning danger.

-The family has used conditioners also should not leave the bedroom temperature too high, especially for families who have children in school, adults go to work because when the temperature difference in the House and the outdoor temperature is too high would be susceptible to inflammation of the upper respiratory tract or stroke due to cerebral vascular ear. Usually, get between 20-25° c.

+ Early treatment when the upper respiratory tract bacterial infection: When the upper respiratory tract inflammation infection need early treatment to avoid infections and bronchitis, Lung down orchids. For example, when small children suffer from rhinitis: nose secretions affected clogging, children will breathe by your mouth, so the air children breathe in bronchitis pneumonia will not be warm, moisten and cleanse as breathing through the nose when the child should normally older very prone to bronchitis, pneumonia with severe happenings. So, the first thing to do is open the upper respiratory tract of children by washing children’s noses with saline NaCl 0.9% under the guidance of a physician. With the children already know the slag or nose then after pumping saline in the nose, sit up slag off the nose. For adults also need to clean the nose in a similar way.

+ Radical treatment the chronic infections in the teeth, mouth, ears, nose, throat, to avoid bacteria spread down the lower respiratory tract. Pneumonia tends to worsen in the elderly aged 65 or above in the people with chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, the pathological condition causing the patient to lie; those who are vulnerable to lung-bronchial structures such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary fibrosis, bronchodilator, … Therefore, these patients should adhere to the correct mode of treatment is expensive. In these patients is long needed change posture regularly in conjunction with the vibrating chest clapping.

+ The doctor when signs of abnormality: everyone when young discovered unusual expressions as a child has a fever, cough expectorant, shortness of breath, chest pain, headaches, dizziness, … right for the child to medical facilities to visit, identify the disease and prompt treatment. Shouldn’t the self-medication, a visit to a late or irregular medication to disease progression causes severe complications.

+ Enhanced the resistance by exercising regularly, ensure sufficient nutrition, balance energy to fight the cold. Regular oral hygiene, brushing teeth after eating and before going to bed to avoid oral infections. For vaccine injections every year, flu for vaccine injection room pneumococcal vaccines for Hemophilus bacteria room, kids. Could use some bacterial antigens made immune booster increase the resistance of the respiratory mucosa. Children should be vaccinated fully of vaccines such as measles, diphtheria under the expanded immunization program.