Children infected with worms

Children infected with intestinal worms are fairly common condition occurring in the developing countries in the tropics, due to the hot and humid climate, eating habits, poor environmental sanitation. As a result of intestinal worm infections make anorexia, retardation, malnutrition and anemia.

  1. The type of worms usually cause disease in children:

-Ascaris: in our country, children infected with Ascaris takes up to 80-90%. Roundworm that lives in the small intestine of the person, the worms lay eggs, the eggs out by polluting soil, water. Through water, food, dirty hands larvae on the body and become mature worms. A worm can reproduce to hundreds of children in the intestine causing bowel obstruction or move into hepatitis causing liver abscesses. Roundworm-infected children usually abdominal pain around the navel, vomited worms, go also worms, ?ng, skinny abdomen. If the child is intense and prolonged abdominal pain is usually a complication of worms such as the worms crawl way suite, bowel obstruction …

-Pinworm. Live in the large intestine, the worms lay eggs immediately in the anus, anal itching causes scratching worms through hands-on mouth cause re-infection very quickly. When a child has pinworm infection is often difficult to sleep or sexual harassment crying due to the itching anus, often suffer from digestive disorders, liquid manure, can see pinworm in the anus or in the stool.

– Hookworm. Children infected with hookworms accounts for about 10%. Hookworm in the duodenum, bowel mucosa clinging mouth to suck blood, on average each day, one could hook-worms 0, 2 ml of blood. Duong hookworm infection primarily through the mouth eating the larvae from raw vegetables, dirty hands, soil dust and through the skin. Children infected with hookworm is usually abdominal pain, black stools, navel area on the anemia from a green skin, mucosa of the very words. The case of severe infection easily cause severe anemia, heart failure and can be fatal if not treated promptly.

Children infected with worms

Children infected with worms

  1. How to handle:

Need warming for older if the test infected worms or eggs when stool to see the child vomited worms, go also worms, itching anus … And when there are complications worms crawl in the bile duct, biliary tract infections, abscesses of the liver, bowel obstruction caused by worms.

Warming with drugs have effects on many types of worms, less toxic, fewer side effects, don’t need to catch older fasting, no need to use bleach.

-500 mg Mebendazole. Drink 1 time only. The drug dosage is not dependent on age and weight. Do not use for children under 2 years of age and pregnant women.

-400mg Albendazole. Drink 1 time only. If heavy hookworm infection can take 2 days per day 400mg. Do not use for children under 2 years of age and pregnant women.

  1. Prevention of worm:

3.1. Strengthening personal hygiene

-Wash your hands clean with SOAP before eating and after defecation.

-Eat, drink the water has boiled, if eating raw vegetables are washed.

-Do not go barefoot, hookworm larvae avoided going through the skin.

3.2. environmental hygiene

-Distributed management closely, using a hygienic latrine, just bowel into the latrine, the young bird droppings on Bosnia, do not use fresh manure for fertilizer.

-Use a clean water source.

-Hygienic disposal.

3.3. periodic warming: warming for children above 2 years 6 months or 1 year.