Children with symptoms of bloating.

Children with symptoms of bloating
Many parents often worry when your suffering serious abdomen, belly to hard, eat less, not deflated. But gosh, these are quite a normal phenomenon in young, almost children would also encounter. The cause of the children with flatulence are pointing out is due to:

Many babies crying, swallowing more air and formed in the abdomen. While those babies don’t know how to put redundant out of the abdomen should be easy to form the flatulence.

Children with symptoms of bloating

Children with symptoms of bloating.

Kids don’t run out of food digestion.
Most are lactose intolerant babies in breast milk, formula milk should babies also are prone to flatulence.

When were young, often unpleasant flatulence, COOs and more, eat less well all day. So how do most young mother suffering from flatulence, abdominal cut?

First, the baby may be bloating due to mother feeding posture, after having been wrong. When feeding, the mother should keep the baby in the head higher than the stomach. In this way, the milk will drift down to the bottom of the stomach, while the excess gasses will be located in on and easy to belching out more. The baby’s milk should also upgrade to slightly sloping (so that milk squirt always flooded the nipple) to she’s not swallowing the gas in the stomach while feeding.

In addition, parents can also massage the nursery by using his mother’s fingers Rotate clockwise round the clock from the navel belly out of the baby. Can use massage oil to my arms don’t hurt your child’s abdominal skin. Little note is not recommended for the baby massage when baby has just finished feeding okay mom.

Parents can also operate for little more than to help little belching. Parents can carry the baby up shoulder, prone on the thigh, or sit with hands behind his back and head support. One of the best posture to help little belching is the latest baby prone on your arms, hands, take baby Chin, left hand rubbed or patted gently up the baby backs. Truth gently put your hand on the baby’s belly, to the total gas, help little more pleasant. Or the parents may also put the patient and gentle baby help baby bike legs as cycling.

Mother to baby prone episode helps little push excess air out better. Parents can also massage the belly to baby according to the circle to help the baby to escape the gas.

Besides, parents can also use hot packs to ice down your baby’s abdomen. The heat from the packs will reduce the flatulence of the baby.

Second, the diet of the baby. The baby suffered bloating, an abdominal cut can also be the phenomenal boy was lactose intolerance due to lactase enzymes deficiency in the digestive tract. If children lack parent lactase enzymes may be used for baby probiotics Golden Lab to lactase enzymes supplement for the child. Special Golden Lab also contains Probiotic and Prebiotic ingredients 2 help baby increase in absorption of nutrients, support the treatment of digestive disorders in older children (Karma abdomen, bloating, constipation, diarrhea. …).