common dermatitis problems part 2.

 The inflammatory skin problems common in older 2
Part 2: Indigo milk-Buffalo Shit-pimples

Eczema also called sedges milk is a form of dermatitis allergies are very common in the small, especially in the period from 2 months to 2 years. Strabismus dangerous milk for the baby’s health, but often have itchy symptoms, irritability, skin in the region of the lesion can dry, stretch, chapped, bleed causes little discomfort and made his mother very mercy.

Being for so long will milk strabismus, sometimes it will be again when the older children will automatically expire.

Do not use ointments when children with strabismus milk, just regularly clean the skin is inflamed with a solution of warm water mixed with Lactacyd twice each day. Then, apply the cream or milk moisturizing effect and skin like Cetaphil, physical, exome Ga, safrole, will help reduce skin dryness, itchiness and decrease gradually thereafter.

Learn the effects of several kinds of products for children with eczema milk

Physiogel cream
-Reduce itching, redness of the skin, Dermatitis, eczema, Dermatitis, recurrence of local muscle use safe for both children and adults.


common dermatitis problems part 2

-Taking a daily shower in chrome is run, harm the skin, itchy skin, suffering from eczema, sensitive skin, easy irritation.

There are 2 ways to use: do not use with water: apply to the skin and massage lightly. Wipe the residual portion of soft fabrics. Use with water: apply to the skin and massage lightly. Then rinse with water.

Aderma Exomega
-Is the cream lacquered Rhealba oat extract and Glycerin, 5% fatty acids help to soothe the irritation and discomfort of the skin, moisturizes the skin, reduce skin dryness?

Note: do not obliterate Exomega Adorama skin are severe inflammation while fissures or swelling, pustules, used only to keep moist and prevent relapse after the skin is Indigo treated off inflammation swelling.

The cause of formation of “Buffalo shit” could be due to the excessive secretion of mucus of the gland, causing dead skin cells matted stick into each plate tightly on the scalp.

Some causes can lead to increased excretion of mucus is: the mother’s hormones are still circulating in the blood of babies; immature digestive systems do not have the ability to absorb sufficient biotin; the essential vitamin E and mineral salts; shampooing frequently do not accumulate mucus and bacteria proliferation.

Johnson & Johnson baby oil used oil scalp plate being illuminated Buffalo shit before the lunchtime and evening children’s sleep, when your up, mother used weekly small soft teeth real type plastic, brushed her skin lightly, and then grab the towel wet cleaned several times, I do 1-2 weeks is very clean.

The case of heavy, thick and hard plaque, still apply on Baby oil and lubricating oil, really humid up scalp before bed. When I woke my mother use half a lemon squeezed lotions too and for as long as 30 minutes, then shampoo and bath brushes for the as above, will clean bong.

Note: Brush really gently to avoid hurting your child’s scalp.


Also similar to the skin condition psoriasis closed on top, have manifested in skin plate closed, scales blush at the top, the side wings of the nose, eyebrows, lashes, eye or skin area behind the ear.

This case also used baby oil & Johnson Johnson obliterate the crust leather, for 30 minutes or an hour, or for older children to sleep, then bathing, shampooing. Usually, the scales will self off at 8 months of age.

ACNE in babies (not in adults)
The expression is the caviar notes and whiteheads along the nose and cheeks. This phenomenon is due in a few weeks time after laying, the mother’s hormones exist in the blood of the child, the type of this hormone increases the secretion of sebum on the skin while the sebaceous glands in infants are not yet mature to be able to remove the mucus, causing blockage and sebaceous glands have the expression of fish eggs.

Babies are easy to have acne in skin. Small white head acne caused by the mother’s hormones left in children, the impact of the sebaceous glands and sealing them.

Both types of acne are regularly featured on the cheeks, nose, forehead and usually does not require treatment, the acne will be lost after a few weeks. During the wait for Acne “disappear” let the child’s acne skin really clean by using a cream or milk moisturizing effect and skin like Cetaphil, physical, hex omega, safrole.

Do not use topical drugs or any kind of acne treatment.

According to traditional medicine, hyperactive child, mischief was classed as blood heat. Blood born diseases easier to heat pimples, rash, making sexual harassment or child cry, little bear, hard to sleep last night because of the itching, scratching and more. Acne is usually small and numerous, hurt the pus, pimples usually hurt too, deeper, into LaTeX, can cause fever. Getting pimples as possible so long as hard to cure.

Acne is red, not yet into LaTeX
-Take the Purple Onion finely, Volkswagen saw fresh pimples when are swelling, red hot. Use the gauze tape back in a few hours and then removed, after resuming until most acne inflammation swelling.

Acne has pus
-When did the pus, it should inject molding plus and then wipe with salt water. Then, buy BETADINE antiseptic type of option for kids (with) smeared into the dough in LaTeX acne use gauze or bandages to tape back on top instead of tape 2. Note only use from 2-3 days for dry face acne, then stop, don’t take more than 5 days and do not use for children under 6 months of age.

-Used herbs: picking the leaves of fresh dandelion, ragged and retired up up acne on back and tape instead of ice. Note that the leaves of dandelions need washed, remove old leaves, leaves the new deep pounding.