Dangerous mistakes parents make when their failure or anomalies.

Dangerous mistakes parents make when their failure or anomalies

A row of short time recently, pictures of the child fatalities due to seed failure label was widely shared on social networks. Actually, this is not useful when the deaths were he ca hot anomalies that had so many cases.

Medical experts said that from the mistakes of handling hot anomalies or parents stuck below that many children can fall into the life-threatening situation:

-Chest Paws down: this is a natural reflex almost the family when the child sees a colorful, choking or vomiting of food is the claw hand down his chest. This is a mistake because that may cause food crawl deeper into the lungs and pushing the baby in danger.
With the hormone case herringbone, doing this as extremely hazardous. A small bone, only it can swallow caught the Bureau of steamed rice or chest claws can push down the drift, but bone with a large bone stuck in difficult position is not possible.

-Hand crocheted baby mouth: what should not be done by the do not identify the exact location of anomalies leading to an object not only is removed but also crashed into the deeper, even going on the road causing breathing difficulty breathing, cyanosis and respiratory insufficiency. In addition users manual hook or other hard objects do not ensure to poke, stir in throat hurting young throat easily, causing throat scratched cause complications such as pharyngitis, laryngitis pustules … or induced spasms of the larynx.

Coughing Young Girl --- Image by © Bloomimage/Corbis

Ever happened is not a case of death not being bone hormone tried to grab the hand hook, some day after swelling edema in the neck region. When in the hospital, the doctor must put the inner tube, air breathing, severe complications of disease status and he has death a month later.

-Immediately traveled to the hospital closing without aid: for children with the hormone, anomalies then sewed very important aid should be doing right then take to the hospital. When you see the baby suffered failure, facial cyanosis not conducting first aid immediately rushed to the hospital closing that the risk of death of the child. On the contrary, so long as new to the hospital will cause inflammation, infection, abscess spot teaser.

According To The ASSOC. Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung-resources Minister Pediatrics (Bach Mai HOSPITAL), there have been many cases of children with death because her parents do not know how to evacuate. Half the fossils, like when a child has learned the seed grain, cloth labels are also equally dangerous.

For older children accidentally being hot anomalies, adults need to make right tricks to Heimlich retrieved object. If the object does not need firing away to the nearest medical facility.

The principle of the Heimlich is to create a strong, sudden impact forces on 2 Lung Chamber by clapping from the back or pressed into the diaphragm, the purpose of creating a large sudden pressure in the respiratory system, push the object out. With young children under 1 years old needed older prone low head on one arm, the other the back clapping hands 5 times stronger and faster the region between the scapula, then heads back. If there is difficulty breathing, use 2 fingers to press the chest five times. Children 5-7 years, then put the baby on the thigh, patting the backs behind the 5 above the chest.

If the object does not exactly need take children to the nearest medical facility. Absolutely not be done the way as said above.

The experts recommended, not only the food that even the things in the House also become the “murder” of the children. So in addition to observing the child, parents need to know the how first aid anomalies, especially passages for young to avoid the unfortunate happens.

When kids eat fruit, especially berries have the seed parents need to look older. My parents absolutely should not eat the food that young easy risk causing children with sex hormones such as grapes, Rambutan, label, roasted peanuts, cashew nuts, sausages, hard candy … which should have control.

The fruit should be peeled off for nuts, candy should bite the young not to all staff to limit the danger to the child. Absolutely not for children to run, joking or lying down while eating.