Experience and infant care for mothers to.

Experience and infant care for mothers to

infant care is a job requiring thorough and careful mother. Especially in the first week, when I was a clumsy, clumsy, it’s time most mothers need more advice about the basic skills to care for your baby.

  • The utensils needed for infant care
  • products to support breastfeeding
  • Bim, baby diapers
  • and pajamas Swimsuits: baby bath, washcloth, towels, shampoo, shower gel for children
  • Trousers children’s clothes: blankets wrap, clothes, gloves and socks for children some
  • toys for children: What kind of toys emit noise stimulate children

Experience and infant care for mothers to

Experience and infant care for mothers to.

I’m skin care the newborn.
baby’s skin is very thin and sensitive so parents need to pay attention and careful care. A few minutes after birth, baby’s skin is blue, but then her body color changed from green to pink. Starting from the 2nd or 3rd day, children with jaundice physiological phenomenon and peaked on day 3, No. 4, but then will gradually decrease.

At birth, the baby’s body is surrounded by layers of “cause”, helps retain heat and protect the skin of children. So that immediately after birth, the mother should not clean bath layer of “cause” thing. But after about 24-48 hours, the child must be cleaned every day by bathing the moment the class of “cause” is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. Especially in the stage of maternal hygiene should proceed with caution in order to protect the baby from diaper rash.

Besides, parents should check for defects on the skin. Such as birthmarks, which are formed after birth or develop later, to mothers with a child to remove them soon.

Care for babies sleep .
the time average sleep of infants is 18-20 hours per day. Mothers need special attention to children’s sleep because it plays a very important role in the development of young children.

First, the mother should pay attention to the child’s sleeping position, put the baby supine sleeping position is best for babies. Starting May 6th, Young was able to tilt to one side or the oil group, parents do not worry when you see people sleeping baby swing, baby it proves healthy enough to choose a sleeping position best for you.

Many families often shake to help baby fall asleep but should be limited because this action would cause the baby’s brain vulnerable.

Baby room temperature over 26 degrees Celsius to keep the best. If too hot, your body temperature will rise, endangering the baby. Too cold may make her vulnerable to colds, respiratory tract infections. Should the baby lying next to her, making tracking and breastfeeding easier.

Care for babies hygiene.
Bathing is an integral part of the process of care and nurtures your baby. Properly bathe your baby can help her feel comfortable, pleasant and have a good sleep.

With no cord can baby bath towels, towels and wipes clean water dip baby body. For baby, a cord can then bathe in pots. Not necessarily every day to wash the baby, except when the weather is hot. During cold weather should only baby shampoo 2-3 times a week.

Hygiene nose and ears: Do not pick your nose and ears inside the baby, simply clean the ears using cotton waterproof outer ear for earwax is a natural fluid in the outer ear canal, has antiseptic properties and protect the eardrum from dust.

Hygiene nails: Do not get nails too long baby, a baby will scratch their skin. Time nail clippers baby after a bath, now baby soft nails.

Care children’s weight.
Weight loss is the perfectly normal phenomenon in the first days of a newborn child. Since this was a period of excess fluid in the baby’s body was thrown out. Baby weight reduction of 10% of their birth weight. But she assured that she will regain his birth weight after 1-2 weeks.

Nutritional care for children

should breastfeed her as soon as possible so she can get a nutritious colostrum yield. If the mother feels about the milk slowly, within one hour of birth, exclusive breastfeeding can. Most babies need to be fed every 2-4 hours and about 8-12 times a day. Mother also note feeding posture and correct feeding helps babies absorb the necessary nutrients.

Vaccination for infants

soon after birth a few hours, the vaccination 1-2 nose infant is extremely important. Babies need to be injected vitamin K supplementation and vaccination for hepatitis B. Vitamin K works to prevent bleeding disorders (hemorrhagic disease of the newborn), and hepatitis B vaccine – a vaccine is extremely important for bellows.

Communicating with children

Babies will recognize your voice by voice was too familiar to the baby during the last period. You can communicate with your little voice, vision, and smell, your smile. All your actions attitude will be to acquire and record your baby.

Some normal phenomenon of infant.
or mother will often see little startled, even when they are located in a quiet room or noise.

Sticky eye phenomenon quite common in infants, the most common cause is due to the baby’s tear duct is starting to go into operation. Your to-do list this time is to clean and gently massage your baby. But it is better you should take her to a doctor for examination.

If the baby has signs of inflammation, including the eyelids or bruising baby when conducting instrument by caesarean, the mother peace of mind because this phenomenon will soon run away in the first few days.

Caring mother
with the healthy mother is a healthy new baby. Therefore the time after birth, taking care of their own health is very important to her. Health experts recommend that mothers should drink plenty of water and make a healthy diet. This has helped her to quickly recharge just get you abundant milk supply to the baby.

The first week, your baby will need time to adapt to life, new environment. Her mother also mentally prepared on what you can not eat anything, sleep preferences mother will depend on your child’s schedule. She will not let you sleep through the night were, especially the first week from the hospital. mother sleep preferences will depend on your child’s schedule. She will not let you sleep through the night were especially the first week from the hospital. mother sleep preferences will depend on your child’s schedule. She will not let you sleep through the night were especially the first week from the hospital.