Flu! A runny nose or nasal congestion, itchy or a sore throat, cough, congestive eyes, sneezing, watery eyes, mild fever,…

-Conventional flu disease caused by respiratory virus infected children on, throat and nose. The disease is not dangerous to the young, usually, about a week after going off, but due to the resistance of older patients should still be protracted, likely born with complications such as bronchitis, pn.eumonia, …

-Most children, especially children under age 6 can cause the flu virus infected several times a year, when up to a dozen times if the resistance of the body.


-The virus enters the body through the mouth or nose, can spread in the air when someone is sick of coughing, sneezing or talking, via widgets such as towel, toy or device, …, of people suffering from the flu.

Symptoms of swine flu

The symptoms of influenza usually ranges from 1-3 days after the influenza virus infection such as:
-A runny nose or nasal congestion, nasal water more or less depending on the situation of each child, sometimes throughout the dense mucus, sometimes yellow or green.

-Sneezing, watery eyes.

-Itchy or a sore throat, cough.

-Body aches, headache, fatigue.

-Low level of Fever (38°C – 39°C), high fever when young fever from 39°C degrees or over

-Children often suffer from severe flu than adults because the immune system permanently incomplete premature in 6 years. Especially the 3 first years of life and for children below the age of 1 phase. Should the disease easy to pull longer and birth complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis, …

For the visit when the child has symptoms:
-Fever of 39.8°C or 40°C degrees to prevent bad toddler fever exceeds 41°C degrees at risk of seizures that affect the brain.

-Fever higher than 39 degrees and young lasts more than three days.

-The child vomits several times during the day, sleeping child, li called for abdominal pain, intense headache, earache or ear flowing water.

-Shortness of breath, severe cry all day.

-Children have a severe cough, difficulty breathing phenomenon.

Complications of flu:
Acute ear infections (otitis media), is a complication of the flu is common in children. Typical symptoms and signs include pain in the ears, the ear can secrete (PUs) or not depending on the condition of inflammation of the ear heavy or light, with few fevers after a wave of flu. For older children too don’t know calling for the child’s expression of pain can be persistent crying lasting, hand scratch up the top swing uncontrollably

-Sinus, flu in children occur on long term may lead to inflammation and sinus infections.

-Cause infection leading to acute pharyngitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis.

-How to handle when a child has flu not be worse

-The flu is caused by a virus so there is no treatment and no use antibiotics cure the flu. So parents should not abuse of antibiotics for children.

-As soon as the new flu, meaning that the symptoms of the new flu, parents do not need to bring the doctor with the flu. Complete toàncó can treat at home for you in the following ways:

How to treat runny noses for a child .

Basil leaves + garlic :

Take 15-20 basil leaves, pounding out, for boiling water in, water drinking, taking great-granddaughter on August 2-3 times so will help relieve a runny nose faster. And each time the grill 1/2 or 1/3 of the garlic for aromatic (medium) and then the water, mash basil leaves into always, great-grandson, for my drink (maybe for more on 1-2 spoons of coffee hot water then filter out), for your drink on 2 times continuous 1 week.

When the medium is sneezing, runny nose, parents need to do immediately eucalyptus oil massage into the soles of children, a day the soles out for 1 minute on each side, then wears socks on. Then wear socks for children.

The cheers for Ginger crushed in warm water bath for your child each day until the expired.

Decongestant sprays:
Do not abuse the decongestant spray bottle for older, regular use can cause chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nasal mucosa. As with babies under 6 months of age, the lining very thin prone to irritation as much spray as more room cause runny nose worse.

Small nose with saline:
To help reduce nasal congestion for young, small nose for the most secure is to use saline bottles, will be effective, safe and does not cause irritation even for infants.