Handling when babies choke – choke.

How – the choking phenomenon is common in children. If parents do not know how and did not promptly processed within 5 to 10 minutes, then the child’s life may be threatened.

Young hormones cause – mainly because choked the child is young, the body is not complete to take the reflex to close the epiglottis when swallowing food leads to the touchdown and blocking the airway.

Airway choking general is one of the extremely dangerous accidents and usually occurs in children while eating while playing. Milk choke, choke porridge, soup particular choke phenomenon milk, soft liquid food into the airways causing movement muzzled children airways, difficulty breathing, choking, cyanosis can be fatal.

Handling when babies choke - chokeHandling when babies choke – choke .

Recognize when the child choke – choke.
basic signs to the mother can quickly realize your child is choking – choke is when the child is breastfeeding, eating, even sudden infant playing violent coughing, skin pale, choking, cyanosis, limbs stiff, can not cry, inarticulate. In severe cases, it may appear water, milk, soup … comes out from the nose and mouth of the baby.

The most severe cases, the baby may appear bouts of apnea and death at that moment. For cases of choking – lighter choke the child can return to normal, but medical experts are then vulnerable children bronchitis, recurrent. The disease will persist, sometimes several times bronchoscopy bronchus to suck pus and remaining flour.

These basic skills to aid her mother when she had swallowed – aspiration

The children choking first aid is very important if handled properly and in time will save the baby narrowly. If not promptly after only 5-6 minutes, inserting airway foreign body will cause your child to stop breathing, respiratory failure leading to death.

When you see signs of choking children milk, porridge choke, or choking (food hard, small objects such as broken plastic toys from …), parents or caregivers should calmly and quickly handle the sport works as follows: a hand holding the baby, a hand-clapping palms used hard 5-7 on the baby’s back – seat between the shoulder blades, this action will cause the pressure in her chest increased to extort push children allergic animals out.

After doing so, if the child has trouble breathing, cyanosis, parents should place babies on their backs, using two index fingers pressed strongly and unexpectedly to the sternum. If found porridge, milk, soup … flowing from the nose, mouth, their parents need them to suck the airway techniques for children. This should be done early to avoid stagnant milk in the nose, mouth. Besides, parents can do differently. For children less than 2 years old, parents can use the method of back patting chest.

Get 3 fingers pressed 5 times in the upper abdomen (above the navel and below the breastbone). Did this until the baby feels better, be more alert. Parallel to it is called an ambulance.

For children over 2 years old, parents and caregivers can use measures belly pressed (Heimlich method). With the baby was awake, say, parents should let children stand upright. A man stood behind, holding baby waist, one hand forming a fist pressed to the upper abdomen, below the breastbone of the child. Press hard in the direction from bottom to top in a row.

Young coma cases, parents should place babies on their backs. Who aid his knees, holding two fists into 2 hands, suddenly clicking on under the child’s breastbone. India consecutively until baby provinces.

Then take her immediately to the hospital.
– Prevent choking milk, porridge, choking

Feeding: Hold your baby properly, a higher top body. During feeding, parents should observe the child carefully, milk sucking and swallowing movements to a rhythm. Encourage your child to swallow the food finished feeding again, limiting consecutive breastfeed very choked. After feeding is completed, parents or caregivers should hold your baby on his shoulder, burping your baby, patting lightly to avoid choking back after eating. If the bottle, parents should note that check vent nipples should not be too large nipples make baby milk does not flow down deluge swallowed up.

Do not breastfeed while lying, crying, playing, ho … When your baby solid foods, eat porridge: not to squeeze the baby eat much, do not feed your baby when playing, talking, running and jumping. Adults need to calm the situation, many parents found the child when the county arbitrarily or small toys in their mouths, parents panicked scream, try to hook throat baby, this makes us afraid and makes foreign body enters deeper. In any case, the best advice is that parents and caregivers need to keep an eye on the child in time, anywhere.

Parents should design your baby a safe living environment for running, playing. Avoid absolute small objects, dangerous in children’s reach.

Accidents can choke failures occur at any age but usually in children aged 6 months to less than 3 years old. At this age, babies usually very curious, seemingly harmless things with adults again extremely dangerous with young children (seeds, cashews, sewing needles, pins, nuts, melon seeds, popcorn, hard candy, …) – they may become perpetrators of child injury. The collapsible laryngeal reflexes to protect the airway while eating and breathing is not as mature as adults so children easily choke.