Kawasaki disease in children-the culprit underlying cause of death.

Kawasaki disease in children-the culprit underlying cause of death

Kawasaki disease is an extremely dangerous disease in children are Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki was first discovered in 1967, is one of the culprits leading to the fatal cardiovascular disease in children. If detected early and treated promptly within 10 days from when the illness will be preventing complications in heart. Because the symptoms of Kawasaki disease in children is very easily confused with other diseases, so if adults don’t recognize the symptoms of Kawasaki disease from early child mortality risk would push up high. So, please follow the following information about Kawasaki disease in children to timely detection of

Kawasaki disease in children?

Kawasaki disease is an unusual type of disease is characterized by the inflammation of the blood vessels in the body. The disease has many other names such as Kawasaki syndrome, syndrome of lymph nodes under the skin, the subcutaneous blood encyclopedia syndrome of acute fevers. This is the disease usually, occurs in children under the age group mostly 5. Kawasaki disease can burst into the room, often appearing in the fall and spring. The fatal risk of Kawasaki disease are very high because if not treated will lead to complications in the heart leads to the phenomenon of rupture of aneurysm SAC.

Kawasaki disease-causing Bank resources in children?

The cause of the disease has not been determined. But most medical experts believe that high-ability is caused by a virus or bacteria, and tend to be about genetics when those cardboard nest is Japanese people will have higher disease risk (Japan is the first discovery of the disease). Conclusive research demonstrating the disease tends to spread.

Kawasaki disease in children-the culprit underlying cause of death

Kawasaki disease in children-the culprit underlying cause of death.

Sign of Kawasaki disease in children:

Clinical symptoms of Kawasaki syndrome which is high fever (from 5 days or more) and no sign of lowering. Your baby will feel tired, appeared neck lymph nodes, mouth, oral, most suffering congestive, dry and chapped. in some cases, the Erythema appears. Nodular Erythema has many different shapes in the young body, the most famous in the region of the hips. At first, the Scarlet pitches would be the same pitches, then move into measles urticaria and Erythema were the pitches until the exfoliation goes then the disease took transducer.

Note that when a child has immediate exfoliation anus accompanied continuous high fever, then certainly about 80% have Kawasaki disease.

When the child begins to see signs of it accompanied by a high fever, you need to take children to hospital immediately, because if the findings as soon the child will minimize the complications to heart:

Conjunctivitis (Red Eyes) eye 2

Dried red lips, cracked, red tongue

The oral mucosa and pharyngeal red spread.

Red palms, feet.

The hard hand, leg edema.

Your exfoliation.

Diversity Committee in pink body exfoliation around the anus.

How to care for the child when Kawasaki disease:

Because the signs of Kawasaki disease in children is very easy to confuse the other minor illnesses so that parents would disregard the symptoms, medication and does not automatically take the child to the hospital. The only way to be able to limit cardiac complications caused by Kawasaki disease should be closely monitored when children with prolonged fever, just about 2 days younger yet still high fever antipyretic, you should take your child to hospital immediately. If detected in the 10 days fall ill again, the disease may not lead to cardiac complications

after 48 hours if they get better, your doctor may give home care and treatment. However, you should remember that, when a child has Kawasaki disease that must be re-examined from the disease for life.

For an undetermined exact cause of the disease, there is no effective way to prevent disease.

Above is some information Kawasaki disease in children, hoping to help the parents can detect early signs of Kawasaki disease in children to take the child to hospital timely treatment.