Knowledge parents should know about the disease in.

Children hyperactivity  .

Disease is a common psychological syndrome in infants.

If parents do not care to notice, certainly will not recognize the disease in children hyperactivity and restlessness that is considered normal. To recognize early signs of the disease as well as appropriate child care, parents should fully equip medical knowledge of hyperactivity in children.

The disease in children hyperactivity What is

attention deficit hyperactivity disease whose name is Attention-deficit English hyperactivity disorder – ADHD. This is a common disorder in children. When infected children will hyperactive, lost the ability to focus learning outcomes woven decline. This disease is common in children ages 4 to 6 years and the ratio of boys with this disease will be many girls from 4 to 10 times.

Signs identify hyperactivity disease:

excessive Restlessness: The first symptom you can easily see that the child refuses to sit in a position that typically operates continuously running tirelessly. If captured, they would sit quietly and react when sitting down, we will constantly make noise, stirring.

Knowledge parents should know about the disease in

Knowledge parents should know about the disease in.

The ability to focus less: Children with hyperactivity has focused nearly equal to 0. We will not listen or do exactly as directed. Usually, they will move quickly from one task to another, do not focus on the work being done and quickly attracted by other things led to the downfall of learning.

To coordinate, control moves less: young active pulse instantly identifiable, or noise, disturbing the surroundings and very angry.

the other behavior disorders accompanying such children will have problems like sleep disorders, disorders anxiety disorder.

the cause hyperactivity disease

causes hyperactivity disease has yet to be determined. However, according to research if there is a family history of hyperactivity infected person, the child has a higher risk than other children.

In addition, a number of factors related to complications at birth or next contact with substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, … when in the womb. Children can also be due to a mental disorder when misused or by family, disintegration caused also potentially sick child hyperactivity.

How to care for children with hyperactivity

detection When children have signs above you should take children visit the neurologist to have the treatments with medication or behavioral therapy. Besides, parents need to find ways to educate children properly encouraged, praised the young for avoiding children with depression, autism.

While the guide and protect children, parents need to use words lightly, not to shouting at me and must often pay attention to the child concerned to limit damage when a child has hyperactivity.

Above is some knowledge about the disease in children hyperactive that parents should know. Do not forget to track her happiness to be able to update more knowledge about the diseases that children often encounter.