Learn about measles:
Measles is an acute infectious disease. Measles can be fatal if complications leading to pneumonia as severe levels early in 2014. When the measles virus from entering into the body, they are often attacked in the cells behind the throat, lungs. Then the disease will spread throughout the body, the respiratory system, the skin of the patient.

-Measles or the in young children from 1-4 years. Babies under 6 months are less expensive because of the mother’s immune mothers with children the mother completely in the first 6 months (so doctors often recommended is that resistance is most important to older)

-Very few adult patients for trapped from the baby. Adult if the disease is usually from small ones not yet exposed to the virus measles and measles virus shots yet.



-Spread through the respiratory tract, direct contagion when patients a cough, sneeze, talk …

Measles is caused by the measles virus. This disease is contagious so that 90% of the people exposed to the disease will be the default if no preventive vaccine-acquired measles. The measles virus in the patient’s throat, nose, they can spread the disease to other people in approximately 1 week prior to the manifestation of the disease (spread in incubation period).

In the period from 10 to 12 days after exposure to measles virus (progressive silently with no signs to help identify), the following symptoms may occur: A child with the fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes, rashes, … a disease that can cause epidemics as early 2014. Over 90% of people age 20 was before measles, hardly anyone not suffering from measles . The annual estimated 100 million cases and 6 million people die from measles.

Measles usually begins with a fever quite light, accompanied by symptoms such as a cough, runny nose, red eyes, sore throat. After about 3 – 4 days later, the measles virus infection would be rash, red patches emerges, usually on the face, followed the hairline, behind the ears, further spreading to the chest, back, finally spread down the thigh and foot.

Board maculopapular, small balcony on the skin edges slightly floating, between the boards is about healthy skin. Ban scattered or stick together and form clumps round 3-6 mm.About a week later, this small stains will fade, the spot would appear before going off first.

Complications caused by measles :
Possible complications: otitis, pneumonia, diarrhea, dry eye, corneal ulcers sometimes encephalitis following measles.

However, the measles has not trapped in danger, the problem lies in the young in body resistance.

All diseases caused by the viral infection usually discharge in children will not dangerous if children have good resistance. Is naturally going out without the use of drugs as well as not being severe inflammatory complications-especially pneumonia cause respiratory death, common in the young, lean, malnourished children have poor immunity.

Recognize measles signs usually appear quickly in the last few hours of onset, before sprouting. Children often have the following symptoms: high fever goes 39.5-41 ° C, adamant, delirium, coma, convulsions, blood pressure, rapid breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding under the skin. If this situation did take their children to hospital timely treatment.

Laryngitis: appear in the early stages of regrowth, usually takes under the ban with the spasm causes shortness of breath due to spasm of the larynx. More conventional developments (if any) usually appear after the Board with high fever rises steeply up, harsher, shortness of breath, cyanosis. If this situation were to take children to hospital timely treatment.

Bronchitis-lung: Usually appear late after sprouting. Expression of high fever, cough, shortness of breath, many things that can cause mortality in measles, especially in small children.

Meningitis occurs when a child has severe complications caused by measles.

Symptoms treatment, foster care.

-Fever: Antipyretic for children, can use conventional antipyretics Paracetamol.

-If the child has symptoms of a cough or a runny nose, then apply a cough, runny noses, such as treatment for swine flu.

-Only use antibiotics when severe inflammation occurs outside the skin, in the region of skin rashes, or when a child has respiratory tract inflammation such as laryngitis, bronchitis-lung.

Bathing hygiene for children with measles:
The limit for a child exposed to wind and water.

Personal hygiene for poor children can cause inflammation of the skin more severe measles.

How to bath, skin hygiene to children:
Wipe the child by Lactacyd Baby 3 times a day, has the effect of sterilizing Baby Lactacyd, safe.

For viral diseases, it is important that the resistance of the body. Breast milk helps increase resistance best for small children, besides possible for children to drink more ColosMax Q10, from 1-2 times daily orally for a period of 2 to 3 weeks from the moment know they are sick.

For measles vaccination for children, thanks to vaccination against measles that mortality due to measles has decreased complications significantly. Because of the viral disease that causes children to be very tired, eat poorly, the ability to digest and absorb rising, very easy going device status decreased during illness. Poor eating further weakened resistance happens more quickly and the complications of the disease.

In small children, measles is dangerous due to susceptible to the complications including diarrhea, malnutrition, pneumonia.

Enhanced resistance to the child:

In older increase resistance by breast-feeding mothers as much as possible, for you to drink more on Q10 ColosMAX drink from 1-2 times and continually drink within 2-3 weeks from when the kids were sick. Due to the immune system in infants severe weakness should easily bear pneumonia complications, inflammation of the brain, respiratory insufficiency in the short time, …

Measles shots:
Measles vaccines and Vaccine measles vaccines: is required, so that the incidence of disease and mortality due to measles have declined much.