Rheumatism and heart low in children

low child Disease manifested?
-Low Diseases (rheumatism and high heart) with heavy sequelae is still a threat to children. Low heart disease is the inflammatory disease of the connective tissue, occur after the sore throats caused by Streptococcus Beta tan blood group A, hurting in many agencies, primarily the heart, joints, nervous system, skin and subcutaneous tissue … in which the lesion in the heart is the most dangerous. A special team of the disease is early primarily in school ages, easily cause damage to the heart at this age and leave disastrous consequences later on. Disease or relapse, persistent and when have the sequelae will hardly have the ability to recover.

A study in the United States shows: there are about 100,000 cases annually, and low new heart; Ages of students with low heart rate-0.7 1.6% constitute o, this rate in students up to 6-9% o. According to the research in Vietnam, then a low heart disease rate in students ages approximately 3% o; Common disease is age 7-15 years. Age statistics on the disease infected children 883 low (in 1969-1978, at the Institute of child health protection) shows: under 3 years without any case, 4-6 years: 7%; 7-12 years: 50%; 13-15 years old: 41%.

The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis:

Rheumatism and heart low in children

Rheumatism and heart low in children.

-Approximately 80% of infected children had low expression in joints, rheumatism, but merely takes up approximately 1/3. But at the same time the heart and joints the same children hurt.

-Joint Aches are common symptoms, but pain alone accounted for only approximately 35% of the pain and swelling sore swollen and hot 48%, 18%, very little after the pain swelling, heat and redness.

-In times of pain, the child’s movements restricted, usually have when children are bedridden.

-About joints hurt: almost all of the joints are injured, including lengthening that at least are talking to. The more common lower limbs joint the joints on the large joints, more common in small joints, knee joints the highest proportion (approximately 40% of the total).

-Spinal Joints hurt rarer but still there. The small joints (fingers, toes) are very rare and it is one of the distinctive chronic arthritis.

-A more important characteristic are much pain of the joints moving. Approximately 2/3 of cases of pain from two matches over, of which 20% 3 8% pain joints pain 4 joints turn appears in the same batch.

-Fever is a common symptom due to acute bacterial infection status with the average temperature is 380 c.-38, 50 c, time rush about on under a week. If the high fever or lasts longer than even oil has been treated, the likely effects on the heart.

Compute the recurrence of injury to joints
-This is a classic characteristic of the disease is low. At least there are about 60% of cases of recurrence of several waves, sometimes up to 4-5. The dress is important to note that the following is capable of causing damage to the heart membrane. Approximately 70% of cases of low heart appeared in recurrent rheumatic second onwards.

-Two recurrent intervals had when for a long time, mainly in the first two years (approximately 3/4 of cases) and more than 1/2 a recurrence within the first 2-3 years. Therefore, if managed well within 2-3 years since the first sick then surely will prevent most disastrous complications in heart.

low heart signs
-Low heart evolution is the manifestation of the disease is low in progress on the cardiac membrane. The fair is notable as long as 30-40% of cases of low heart evolution appear right in the beginning of arthritis and usually manifests in the first week of the illness. However, there were approximately 10% had the right expression at heart though not yet found expression in the joint. The phenomenon as highlight the dangerous nature of the disease is lower for younger ages.

-Rheumatic diseases although hurting joints usually have when to relapse in installments, but the injury just for the time not to leave sequelae. In contrast, when the lesions spread to the heart membrane, the heart gets “bitten” means not recovered and will leave the sequelae of cardiac valves. This is the most worrying risk of illness low. Low in the heart of progress, all three heart membrane can be vulnerable, either singly or combine two or all three at once. The song is mainly the heart muscle and the lining of the heart (endocarditis) often get hurt the most.

-Regular expression of myocarditis due to low is beat too fast compared with the temperature (from 10%) even at sleep and when the fever and still fast. The doctor listened to the heart can beat, the horse or magnet African foreign exchange (if the heart muscle begins to decline). If the condition recorded electrocardiogram will detect these phenomena of the disorder by the tv feed from the Atria to the ventricles hampered. The million eggs myocarditis is sometimes hard to detect, so the child must be examined carefully, listen to him many times, in many new postures.

-Myocarditis due to low often appears along with other cardiac membranes lesions (the lining of the heart and pericardium) sometimes occurs in a very critical condition is high fever, difficulty breathing, rapid heart beat, irregular. They call it is inflammation of heart inflammation or malignant heart whole, very easy to put to death.

-Membranes in the heart due to low (acute endocarditis) very common, can constitute up to 90% of cases low heart. Should be very easy to understand is the low disease has left many sequelae in the heart valves are the most important parts of the lining of the heart. The most common lesions are openings and mitral stenosis, the aortic valve is. A great statistics on near 1,000 patients with low (children health protection Institute 1979-1978) showed that the heart valve disease, as follows:

+ Cleft mitral valve alone: 39%
+ Crack-mitral stenosis: 19%
+ Aortic valve Openings: 8%
+ Mitral Valve Disease aortic valve openings:-7%

-Special Envoy of membranes in the heart due to the low, many happenings, from the initial phase and then silently progressing until the tissue heart valve (stenosis, heart valve openings) become hardened. If detected early in the first, the proper and timely treatment will most likely prevent the disastrous sequelae.

Can prevent rheumatoid?
-In the field of Pediatrics, reducing the incidence and death rate in Rheumatoid heart in recent decades in developed countries is one of the most eloquent evidence talk up the effectiveness of preventative medicine. So far, people have come to identify the measures for prevention of disease certainly low.

-Streptococcus infection eradicated is essential, ensuring victory for the prevention of the disease is low.

-So far not yet available for vaccine against Streptococcus. So the diagnosis and timely treatment of Streptococcus bacterial infections is still the most effective method to lower heart disease prevention. The physician and the medical profession still needs based on the diagnosis and timely treatment of the upper respiratory tract infections due to group A Streptococcus to avoid recurrent infections in people who have low heart disease and prevent the disastrous complications or sequelae of the disease is low. Have to treat the acute Streptococcus bacterial infection caused by oropharynx is decided to lower heart disease prevention

-The low heart disease precautions are: patients who have the drive, the disease is the hiding place of the Streptococcus bacteria (Group A), after the treatment with oral medications and must be injected again with penicillin benzathine. Use of antibiotic therapy for prophylaxis for patients who have previously been diagnosed rheumatism or high heart. The drug can be used as penicillin. Need to reserve medication continuously throughout the period of adolescence.