Signs children with gastrointestinal disorders.

Signs children with gastrointestinal disorders

Dyspepsia is a common condition in children. A digestive disorder that causes symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, vomiting reflux, rickets in children.

So how do parents know their children are suffering from digestive disorders?

Children with vomiting reflux signs of digestive disorders.

If the child under 1 year of age, children with vomiting reflux, this is almost normal, due to the stomach after birth, young, should be horizontal when feeding, feed vulnerable out movement.

However, if after age 1, bad vomiting reflux still occurs regularly, parents need to consider whether the child is suffering from digestive disorders, making all the food on the body are pushed back.

Signs children with gastrointestinal disorders

Signs children with gastrointestinal disorders.

Children with diarrhea.
Children with diarrhea are also 1 case of gastrointestinal disorders. Liquid feces diarrhea children splashing water or blood, feces, blood and mucous. Children with diarrhea usually dehydrated, with sunken eyes, wrinkled skin, crying without tears. If not treated promptly, the loss of heavy water, the child can be married wrinkled skin, cold limbs.

Children with constipation.
Symptoms of constipation are quite common when children with digestive disorders. With the older, often constipated older at least go outside, go out, usually to, hard and dry, when young often go beyond strong push, when many are feeling pain due to laceration anal. In short, constipation makes the child anorexia, abdominal expansion, strain, fatigue. If too long on, children vulnerable to sexual harassment, ill cry, abdominal pain, anorexia, slow.

Children with abdominal pain.
Abdominal pain due to gastrointestinal disorders often has many different expressions such as the sudden pain, pain that lasted several hours, the cold sore. However, in many cases, older poop pain self-terminate.

Children anorexia put packed.
Often, those children with digestive disorders, in addition to the above case, the mother can also easily get to know if the child shows appetite, put packed. With cases like this, the child usually anorexia, even the food that children love most, making children lose weight fast, skinny, lack of vitality!

So parents do to the erectile disorders in older children?

To remedy this situation, the mother should maintain a healthy diet, often doing little dishes, like homemade taste change aimed at making baby’s food menu is diverse. Besides, parents should also regularly worming her every 6 months/times. Limit for baby use antibiotics, hurting the environment the bacteria in the digestive system. Adding probiotics, especially probiotics contain simultaneously 2 components are the beneficial bacteria (Probiotics) and soluble fiber forms the form Fructose-Oligosaccharides, referred as FOS (Prebiotics). Probiotics are helpful, this helps the baby to digest food, the maximum absorption of nutrients and completely against constipation effectively. Strengthens the probiotics supplements help terminate the symptoms of digestive disorders in infants effectively.
Wish the baby to stay healthy!