The inflammatory skin problems common in older

Part 1: description of the Harm-Chrome ran
Harm description.

When you see the skin brings BIM of the child has redness, red skin around the buttocks so eager, inguinal, …, will suffer harm.
A.light Harm
-PARENTS need to lather right BEPANTHEN cream to harm good and safe for kids nowadays, pharmacies also sell on BOI, 3-4 times after changing diapers and cleaning clean the skin being so eager.

-Use a thin towel (towels, milk) using a rectangular piece of cotton available each package to seep through warm water and wipe for you. Wipe is complete warm water to a dry ventilated leather finished as long as topical cream against new threats, 10 p up skin areas suffer harm.

-In the time children with harm, where skin should avoid taking the kind of sale wipes available, the forms often contain chemicals that create the scent, while leather is your biggest susceptible to impact and more inflammation.

B.Harm cause bleeding, severe skin swelling tearing the skin.
Cases of children with harm skin harm skin redness, skin side up on really rough signs of ulcers and drip, should apply as follows:

common dermatitis problems

common dermatitis problems.

-Buy 1 green potion Methylene obliterates for my day 2 times, to dry the surface stain so eager. Skin hygiene must also been harm done with warm water to open for dry as long as new topical Methylene blue in 10 p, in just 2-3 days is the reduced permanently.

-Mom just out pharmacies says buy “smoking methylene blue” are also pharmacies, not other than buy this kind would have the right to this component.

-After 2-3 days, when the stain has dried, hand out drip and signs must be reduced, a new stop at Methylene blue topical creams and harm on the baby BEPANTHEN 2-3 times until it runs out.

C.Frequently changing diapers (BIM) for children
If children use BIM then should change frequently (the highest is 4 hours to replace 1 time) because while the BIM interstitial ventilation no buttocks, inguinal plus stagnant urine will do harm-causing skin lesions, inflamed skin irritation, ingrown because of bacteria or fungi. This skin area should be kept dry, ventilated, can obliterate talcum after the bath.

In young children, because the sweat glands, not complete development, regulating the poor child’s skin, sweat is vulnerable to the impact of the hot, humid environment dilates the capillaries in the skin, creating conditions for the bacteria invade caused inflammation of the skin caused chrome ran. Chrome ran usually grow in the cloud, or appear in the skin are more sweat as the back, chest, forehead, neck …

The water leaves
Use 2 handfuls fresh Marjoram leaves, crushed, squeezed water, spicy mixed into water for a bathroom.

Leaves have the shape just like the leaf, but that purple red perilla leaves still leaves green, buy vegetables, just sell the leaf is going to have to sell the leaves. See the illustration of the article-it’s leaves.

The water leaves BITTER (melon)
Use two-gauge left over (bitter melon) freshly retired, for the bag clean, filter, squeezed water to bathe the baby.

The water leaves the water leaves BITTER + BITTER
How to combine 2 Marjoram and bitter vegetables together very effectively ha em. Bitter vegetable wash, marjoram, finely chopped for your drunk vitamins pureed, filters out excess and then mixed with water is the proper temperature to bath for baby. The dosage is 2 result, take 2-3 tangle Marjoram/shower.

No garbage, can retire the water into the pot and add the mashed cooked boiled for elderly fire approximately 10 p, then more cold water onto warm enough to shower for you. But don’t mix in plenty of water too.

-After the water leaves the bath is finished, it should be coated with warm water to his people have mixed LACTACID baby.

-Buy bottle LACTACID baby on for approximately 7-8 drops on ca warm water to sugar, hot little mix for shower water warm longer shifts, used to shower afterward.

-Then every day twice, using the cloth dipped in warm water mixed LACTACID shifts to wipe people for the new morning and evening before sleeping (or afternoon). Use embedded wipes water squeezed back, and then wipe in the popular place to fight longer than chrome, do so few days to 1 week.

-When using these types of leaves are washed, soaked, through salt water or purple pills before crushing, filtered water or a bath because this leaves can contain many bacteria.


The status of being a heavy fight Chrome-ALUM BATH

-Apply to the young case on May 6, was to fight dense, heavy chrome, or children with insect bites, allergic rash at all–and cause itching.

-Many such cases the parents in question, was Ms. BKLN alum bath advice for you as long as 3 days is off or fall.

-Buy album about to the North into the pan over the stove to dissolve (kg for water in itself tan), complete kitchen rules to cool it will freeze again. -Take the baseball retired out, scoop 1 spoon in warm water for cafê to bath for children, SOAP, bath with only kilograms of a bath.

-Then also apply coated bath back children with water and wipe the baby on baby LACTACID 2 times as above.

Note: If you have applied the way that after 2-3 days for the situation to fight or chrome dermatitis in older children not improving, or signs of infection worsens, the need for children to drink antihistamines and antibiotics to kill the bacteria, then the need for the child to medical facilities to visit.

-After 2-3 days which must also improve kg should too 5 bath day (dry skin) should switch to water bath until the child leaves expired chrome ran.

Things to avoid when you’re being chrome ran.
-Do not use the leaf directly to rub up the skin of children, especially in skin plate chrome ran, will risk turning a blind eye makes baby skin irritation, were hurt. With the cooking water to the leaves, the parents also shouldn’t Cook too, need more cold water on to avoid the excess of can from many on the skin causing more severe dermatitis in children.

-No water leaves when baby red, swollen skin are signs of severe Dermatitis, floating particles on the skin pustules, this situation should give your bath with alum and for his visit to a BS to get timely treatment

-Do not arbitrarily topical skin for children when not specified by the doctor. If the condition was more rash, has whiteheads on the skin, dense, wonderful chrome red, lasts…, the mother should take you to the dermatology for examination and treatment. Absolutely not buy varnishes or keep you at home the self-cure, because can do worse, not to mention the complications that can be caused to the child.

-Cool, ventilated environment is very important to the child’s being chrome ran as well as help prevent being chrome ran for children. Create the airy environment for children to use the fan, the air conditioner with the proper temperature. Baby sunblock when going out with wide hats, hat because the Sun will create conditions for development than the wonderful chrome.

-Select clothes made of absorbent cotton sweat material good, often for the baby bath; apply cool or cold towel to wipe his day about 3-4 times.