The safe foods help babies gain weight.

The safe foods help babies gain weight
If you’re having problems about your baby’s weight that she just lazy to eat lunch, then what to do? The secret key is to make the immediate addition of recipes below to help your baby quickly gain weight safely and healthy.

The parents know, is rich in carbohydrates food groups food topped the list of these foods help babies gain weight quickly and safely that the mom.

The conversion of carbohydrates into fat deposits in the body can help baby increase was weight. Therefore, the parents should pay attention to the starchy food such as rice, wheat, sweet potato, … Most important to the baby weight gain additional starch is still on daily nutrition your baby’s equally okay mom. In addition, parents should also be combined with some other side dishes help little weight gain, such as:

Meat, fish
Meat and fish are the two foods are rich in calories and indispensable in the diet to help baby to gain weight. However should not too much feeding okay the mother by eating too much may cause a burden to the child’s kidneys. The parents should just feed small quantities when cooked with other foods.

According to research, the shrimp meat, duck meat, fish, chicken meat will be better beef and pork. The chemical composition of meat duck-very similar to the ingredients in olive oil should render duck meat is beneficial for the heart.

Pediatric nutrition experts also pointed out that the meat is pale or no color will have cholesterol and low saturated fat than red meat. So the mother should eat more meat for baby shrimp, fish meat or meat of the types of shellfish.

Baby can enjoy eating the meat easier to chew and tender as meat frogs, eel, shrimp than the meats hardly chewed as beef, duck meat, and goat meat. Therefore, parents should prepare for their baby’s real soft and easy to eat the baby gets more.

The safe foods help babies gain weight

The safe foods help babies gain weight.

Milk and yogurt
What kind of milk for kids light weight is rich in nourishing substances. According to Dr. Dang Thu Hien-National Institute of nutrition, the baby is eating enough number according to the recommended may increase the weight. If your baby under 6 months of age, the amount of milk each day should be 800-900ml also when the baby was over 6 months of age and weaning, the amount of milk each day is a new 600 ml enough to help baby to gain weight. But the important thing is that the parents should choose to be kind of milk quality and reputation.

Also, the yogurt is a wonderful food for the baby. Because it is not only rich in kale that contains Probiotic-beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract from it stimulates the digestive process in baby, help your baby feel hungry faster and absorb nutrients better. In addition, the yogurt is also very rich in types: fruit flavor yogurt, yogurt drinks, yogurt, raw white or cream yogurt boxes to ensure all requirements of the baby.

In particular, to optimize the amount of Probiotic in yogurt, then the parents should mix more probiotics feeding. Note carefully read ingredient information to choose the type of Probiotic and Prebiotic contain yeast (a kind of food stimulates the growth and development of the beneficial Probiotic bacteria, E-coli) okay mom. By now the market most types of probiotics contain only Probiotic.

Olive oil
Olive oil has always been known to be an extremely good products for cardiology and contain many antioxidants. Olive oil is rich in energy, so the parents just need to add a bit of flour into the bowl of porridge baby/have supplements for baby more calories. A week my mother so the wedge of olive oil into the flour/oatmeal baby’s about 2-3 meals for baby to gain weight quickly.

To gain weight, the mother also created the need to establish a scientific diet for baby.

When baby 1 year old, mother’s milk will not provide enough nutritional needs of babies that need more than that. Therefore, the mother should supplement the nutrition standard for other babies.

When the baby reaches the age of weaning, the mother should see/your baby powder a bit more special.

In daily meals, feeding a variety of food and attention of every meal has enough 4 food groups (powder sugar, fat, protein, vegetables). Increase the amount of grease in your baby’s meals. By grease supply twice the protein and flour quality. Each cup of rice flour or porridge, baby needs a tablespoon of oil or grease.

Does feeding before meals by will make horizontal baby. Should just feeding right after the main meal or snacks as adding nutrients.

Split meals: instead of just eating 3 meals/day, the mother can eat 5-6 meals for baby. And for the baby to drink more cups of milk before bed, yes mom.

Wish kid love mother’s health and appetite!