Things to avoid when feeding the miles.

Things to avoid when feeding the miles
For baby, weaning phase is extremely important but not the mother would also know how to feeding 1 scientific way. With 5 mistakes here, we hope, will help the parents draw the Pocket experience useful for raising children.

For baby, Orange drink special for baby weaning period

Pretty good cam for health, but not age would drink lots of orange juice are also good, especially for young drinking orange juice too. Orange juice contains more acidity can affect the digestive system of premature babies, and also not good for the new tooth enamel began to form. So, if want to let baby drink orange juice, I remember diluted with the water filter for you!

Things to avoid when feeding the miles

Things to avoid when feeding the miles.

Not for more cooking oil into your baby’s food
Quite a lot of fathers, mothers, and for that, you should only eat not grease, grease for complete abstinence. But parents know, the Group of fatty acids in the lead role and oil soluble vitamin, helps accelerate the absorption of important vitamins in the body. If there is no cooking oil, vitamin absorption ability in poor baby, can lead to vitamin D deficiency, rickets, slow baby making big, slow weight gain. In a normal meal, mom can add 1 tablespoon cooking oil into your baby’s food, such as olive oil, vegetable oil or coconut oil to GAC.

The food is too salty
Eating too salty will affect the baby’s kidney function, especially babies under age 1, because, at this stage, your baby’s kidneys are not yet developed enough to digest a large amount of salt. Every day, parents should only feed under 1 gram of salt per day. Sometimes, parents don’t need for salt, because salt with this absolutely can come from natural food sources.

Reheat feeding chart
This is pretty commonplace status of the parents. To help take time, not much processing, the mother usually cooked with a large amount of storage, map in the fridge and gradually feeding into the following day. However, the research indicates that the tunnel go back tunnel leading to loss of food substances and vitamins in your baby’s food, the bacteria grow stronger in the process the mother store map, on the refrigerator as do affect the baby’s health.

Bone tunnels to food for baby
The mother said that the country had bone tunnels full of nutrients to the baby, but the reality, these important nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins, minerals remain in the bone, meat and vegetables. So it would be better if the mother country and feeding the meat to ensure complete nutrition for your baby.

In the process of weaning babies, parents should change the regular dish, combine green vegetables and meat full of fish. In addition, in order to stimulate baby’s appetite and prevent cases of anorexia, baby food, the parents should let the baby used to add probiotics to your baby’s digestive system works better with the new food. Good for the mother should seek to buy products that contain both Probiotics-bacteria for intestinal and Prebiotics-soluble fiber and food source of these beneficial bacteria. Note the parents should read carefully the ingredients on the packaging. By now most probiotics are only contained Probiotics that have yet to be Prebiotics.