Why youngsters eat more without gaining weight.

My parents never again run out of worry for their children. If not a few fathers mothers worry may be stunted, not enough substance to eat, malnutrition has not at least the parent Division again met the condition of children eat more but still not gaining weight!

So why is so, is because the diet is not right or the baby itself does not soak the substance nail balm? The cause for the kid to eat more but not weight gain can sum over some issues such as the following:

Why youngsters eat more without gaining weight

Why youngsters eat more without gaining weight.

Firstly, mother to baby eating a lot but not properly.
For example, in each major stage, children have different nutritional needs. For children under 5 years of age, parents should give more oil into your baby porridge, flour, this oil can be made from vegetable oil, soybean, peanut, sesame … Or maybe the mother feeding bias on some certain substances. If protein, starch, protein, eating more can cause the baby to gain weight then the root vegetables make slow baby falling weight.

Second, the kid to eat more but malabsorption.
This is the event quite common in older used antibiotic treatment (acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, etc.) Antibiotics not only kill the bacteria causing the disease also destroy the beneficial bacteria are always in the baby’s gut from that stirred little anorexia, poor digestion, poor absorption. Adding probiotics contain the beneficial probiotic bacteria and the natural probiotic fiber will help balance the environment beneficial bacteria in the body young, increased the ability to absorb nutrients.

Third, the baby is infected with worms.
The situation in most of all the children. Therefore, the regular worming mother for the child, every 6 months. Warming will help your baby to eat more delicious, the nutrients are also absorbed more fully.

Wednesday, the baby has the level of basic metabolism in the body.

I.e. the number of digestive energy is used for activities such as the minimum heartbeat, lungs to breathe … higher than normal. The baby has a basic high metabolism usually have a higher body temperature than normal and also hard to gain weight.

Despite this, parents can still cause the baby to gain weight by balancing your baby’s nutrition, balanced between protein, fiber, and vitamins. Parents may also be feeding small meals instead of 3 main meals daily. Parents can add a little grease in each baby’s meal. For the baby to drink milk, eat yogurt daily to replenish nutrients and vitamins.